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"I will hold Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens.

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Christmas Poetry

Would You Follow

    How many would follow the star tonight
    If it shone past the Milky Way,
    Leave comfortable homes and follow it still,
    Over the hills and away.

    How many would open their doors tonight
    For a weary and shabby pair?
    Make room at hearths for a Stranger-Child,
    Though the Infant be wondrous fair?

    How many would would give of their goods tonight,
    The best they possess and more,
    For their faith in a star and an angel choir
    And a King forevermore?

    We censure the folk of a bygone time
    For indifference to Mary's plight.
    How many would do any better now?
    Would you follow the star tonight?

    Author Unknown

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