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"I will hold Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens.

Christmas Poetry

A Christmas Carol

    Before the paling of the stars,
      Before the winter morn,
    Before the earliest cock-crow
      Jesus Christ was born:
      Born in a stable,
      Cradled in a manger,
    In the world His hands had made
      Born a stranger.

    Priest and king lay fast asleep
      In Jerusalem,
    Young and old lay fast asleep
      In crowded Bethlehem:
    Saint and angel, ox and ass,
      Kept a watch together,
    Before the Christmas daybreak
      In the winter weather.

    Jesus on His mother's breast
      In the stable cold,
    Spotless Lamb of God was He,
      Shepherd of the fold:
    Let us kneel with Mary maid,
      With Joseph bent and hoary,
    With saint and angel, ox and ass,
      To hail the King of Glory.

    Christina Georgina Rossetti

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